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Manholes and Chambers

At the moment, Pennine Manufacturing Ltd. are manufacturing four different modular inspection chamber systems – Ecolite, Atlas, EasyStack and EasyLiner – which are suitable for different areas of the construction industry. The four systems are able to withstand different loads, between 12,5 and 90 tonnes. The components of the chamber systems are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled at the end of the use and can be assembled to different sized chambers.

Modular Ladder System

EasyLadder is a reinforced thermoplastic modular ladder system which is significantly lighter – approximately 4 kilogramme per linear metre – than galvanised steel ladders, allowing long distance transportations to be more economical. As a consequence major benefits regarding health and safety issues can be achieved.

Water Attenuation

Due to increasing environmental problems, caused mainly by development, Pennine developed AquaCrate, an attenuation and infiltration system which prevents extreme peak flows to main drainage and water purification systems. Therefore, AquaCrate decreases the inconvenience of flooding during heavy rain falls.

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Ground mats & Pavers

Ground mats have increasingly become an alternative to concrete placement as they are ideal for various building projects and easy to install. Currently, we are manufacturing four different ground mats – FirmGround39, FirmGround45, FirmGround70 and FirmGroundHeavy – which mainly differ in their compressive strength which makes them suitable for a variety of building projects they can be used for. All four ground mats are manufactured in the UK and are made from recycled high density polyethylene.

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We are a UK plastics manufacturer of products for the construction industry, including Ground Reinforcement Mats, Water Attenuation Crates, Modular Plastic Chambers, and many more.
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