EasyTrack Trackway System

EasyTrack Trackway System

Available in a variety of colours, EasyTrack is a flooring or trackway system, suitable for both inside and outside, and for short- or longer- term projects.

Strong yet lightweight. 

All components are lightweight yet very strong. Manufactured from polypropylene for maximum life with minimum breakages, all parts can be easily and quickly locked together to make a robust surface.

The trackway is high-quality, being manufactured to ISO9001 Quality Standards.


All materials comprising the trackway have been recycled and are recyclable at end of use, helping you meet sustainability targets.

Variety of uses – from outdoor festivals to building sites.

EasyTrack is ideal for:

-outdoor festivals and concerts

-marquees for weddings and parties

-camping and other outdoor activities

-children’s playground areas

-health and safety compliant flooring

-building site walkways

-an alternative for decking or patios


The main panel is 58 x 58 x 3cm and the ramp panel is 58 x 21 x 3cm, tapering to 0.5cm. We also provide corner pieces to ensure no safety hazards.

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For a sample of our trackway, visit here.

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