15th June 2015

Modular Ladder System


A Modular Ladder System

EasyLadder is a reinforced thermoplastic modular ladder system which is significantly lighter – approximately 4 kilogram per linear metre – than galvanised steel ladders, allowing long distance transportations to be more economical. As a consequence major benefits regarding health and safety issues can be achieved.

manhole ladder                         manhole ladder

Due to its modular design, the ladder packages can be easily transported in small vehicles or vans and erected by semi-skilled personnel. Moreover, the ladder can compete directly with both galvanised and stainless steel ladders on both, price and durability. The total life costs of EasyLadders are much lower than those of galvanised and stainless ladders.

The ladders are chemically resistant and so carry a 25 year guarantee (Note: the gray ladders are for potable and storm water. The yellow ladders are for use where they are in contact with sewage).

Normally, the modular ladder system is packaged into a box containing components to construct a 3 metre ladder. Alternatively, ready assembled bespoke ladders can be purchased and delivered direct to site.

manhole ladder



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