EasyPave Permeable Paving System

EasyPave Permeable Paving System

EasyPave is a permeable paving tray that can be placed beneath paving and other floors, for drainage, support and electrical cabling containment requirements. The parts of the paver can be easily clipped together in order to build a surface which can take a load of over 100 tonnes/sqm.

High quality.

It is made from polypropylene, making it very strong and durable, yet very lightweight. Easy to handle and install, the permeable paving tray is made in the UK to ISO9001 Quality Standards.


Each panel weighs in at only 2.4Kg and is 1000 x 500 x 38mm in size, making each permeable paving tray incredibly easy and inexpensive to transport, handle and install.


Manufactured from recycled plastics and recyclable at end of use, helping you meet sustainability targets.


Planning permission now has to be sought by people looking to install traditional impermeable surfaces in their front gardens (such as driveways, paving) over 5sqm in size. A solution to this is to make the area permeable, for instance by using permeable paving or asphalt, or installing soakaway systems. EasyPave is ideal for use under patio, paving, artificial grass etc as a means of ensuring your household is SUDS-compliant and minimising the risks of flooding.

Variety of uses.

The system allows for electrical cabling or supportive pipework to feed through it, so is ideal for tradeshows, exhibitions, and adding electricity to outdoor structures such as garden offices and summerhouses. The small holes allow for drainage while still being compatible with stiletto heels, making the permeable paving system ideal for events held in marquees! It can also be used as a component of a green roof system.




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