Accessories – including pipe connectors

We also have a range of accessories, including pipe connectors. Please see the products below and if you’d like any further details, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Pipe Connectors

180mm pipe connector (in 3s)

110mm pipe connectors (in 4s)

96mm bellmouth connector (pack of 10);  110mm bellmouth connector (pack of 10)

Our bellmouth connectors are suitable for connecting ducts to chambers, preventing them from pushing into the chamber and restricting access on the inside, while providing a smooth duct end. Durable, versatile and impact-resistant, they are ideal for use on return air ducts and for decreasing noise, pressure loss, and turbulence.

Bimetallic hole saw – depth 120mm (variety of sizes from 82-210mm)

The bimetallic hole saw consists of two different types of steel and has varied and fine toothing to cut faster and smoother, with reduced vibration, ensuring a clean and effortless cut. With a hardened cutting edge, these saws are ideal for use with ferrous and non ferrous metals, plastics and wood, and are suited to many applications, including electrical installations. Can be used with the hand or stand drilling machine.


Non-return valve

In a 300 x 300 x 300mm B125 chamber. Connects directly to 110mm plastic pipe – connectors are available to suit clay pipes. Prevents effluent back-flow into residential properties and business premises during flooding. Also protects rainwater harvesting systems against infestation by preventing rodent entry. The product is easy to handle, quick to install, and manufactured from recycled plastics and is recyclable at end of use.